AMA organic seal

Anyone who looks for high product quality and regionality is guided by the official, independent AMA Organic Seal. Its requirements exceed the EU organic regulation and guarantee high food quality, additional environmental standards and guaranteed traceability of origins. Apart from the EU organic seal, the AMA Organic Seal is the only official seal for organic foodstuffs in Austria.
  • 100% organic ingredients
  • Natural products thanks to strict requirements for production and processing, e.g. only natural flavours and a considerably reduced use of additives.
  • No palm (kernel) oil
  • Environmentally friendly types of packaging (e.g. no PVC)
  • Strict microbiological and chemical/physical criteria
  • Continuous company inspections, product analyses and sensory testing
  • Traceability of raw ingredients and supplies
  • Strict hygiene regulations for production

AMA organic seal and its variants

Indication of originAustria

The red and white variant indicates, that ingredients are from Austria and the procress of production took place in Austria. 

Indication of originEuropean Union

The blue and white variant indicates, that ingredients are from the European Union and the procress of production took place in the European Union. 

Indication of originAlpine Region

The light blue variant indicates, that ingredients are from the Alpine Region (e.g. Germany and Austria)  and the procress of production took place in this region. 

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Quality Management 
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